Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wishlist?

You can put the courses that you would like to apply for in your wishlist in case they are not open for application at the moment. As soon as the courses become active, you will be informed of it through mail, so you can apply.

Can I give the quiz to the added wishlist program?

Yes, when you added a course in wishlist, you choose to take lesson of programs. If the quiz available with the program you can give the quiz.

Will my information be shared with a third party?

No information from your profile shall be shared without your prior explicit consent. We protect the information we hold.

How do I manage my applications?

You can apply for the courses listed at Best Edu Online. The application process need not be completed in one go. You can save an incomplete application, and complete it later. Your incomplete applications will be saved under My Applications in your Dashboard.

Will a successful submission of an application confirm my admission?

Best Edu Online facilitates the application process only. Admission confirmation will come from the institute concerned. For more information feel free to write to us at or call  (+91-9829016449)

Is the application fee refundable in case of non-selection?

Application fee is non-refundable. However, if the course fee is collected as part of the application process, the same shall be refundable (as per the refund policy) in case of non selection.