MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications – Ahmedabad)

Welcome to the portal of India’s best school in Strategic Marketing Communication. If you are in search of a place full of opportunities, you have struck the right chord. There are opportunities galore for you to explore at MICA. Events such as international student exchanges, MICA Lecture Series, MICAMINDS and so on, are platforms to new success stories and examples set for posterity to follow. There is a lot that we can offer you- right from opportunities to interact with us as a part of our MLS, to finding Strategic Marketing & Communication solutions to your industry needs via our consultancy cell- MICAMINDS, MICA has it all!

Several international organisations take pride in affiliating with us for student exchanges, collaborative research dual degrees and global immersion programmes. Last, but surely not the least, if you are looking for a unique opportunity to gain experience and develop your skills in a modern, rapidly changing educational institute with worldwide influence and impact, MICA is the place to be.